Kingdom of the Seven Siblings

A once great kingdom splintered by a warring family.
You can't choose your family...

Once, almost two decades ago, the Six Kingdoms were united under one king, King Paldious. Unfortunately in a royal family of seven children there can be only one heir. Or can there be more?

After crown Prince Roland did not return from exploring over the Western Mountains the question of who would take the throne came to argument. The second oldest sibling was rumoured to be recluse in his books, studying ancient and dark tombs. Once the option of skipping around the line of heirs was out there, suddenly every faction had a reason why their favourite royal heir should be next on the throne.

Soon the kingdom was rife with intrigue of nobles and merchants trying to buy the favour of, and at the same time promote, their choice of royal sibling. Eventually skirmishes started breaking out over the kingdom.

The King was about to decree his chosen heir in order to stop the fighting when tragedy struck. Due to betrayal from within the family, no one knows who for sure, the castle was attacked by mercenaries. In the fighting the King was killed by mysterious forces, most of the loyal King’s Guard died fending off the mercenaries and those that lived went into hiding at the disgrace of the betrayal from within the castle.

Now, fifteen years later, the kingdom has been divided into six smaller kingdoms, each one ruled by one of the surviving royal siblings. Each of the kingdoms still rallies for true control of the whole kingdom with none making headway.

Unfortunately the kingdom will need to band together to survive. With hordes of humanoid beasts raiding more and more from the northern mountains, and rumours from the desert over the western mountains of an army marching across the sand towards the shattered kingdom, they would do well to stop fighting each other and batten down the hatches for the approaching storm.


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